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Permanent grandstands by GT Grandstands are custom built to your requirements and site considerations:

  • Seating Capacity
  • Spectator Flow
  • Space Availability
  • Sightline Requirements
  • Applicable Building Codes
  • Revenue Generation

GT Grandstands representatives will work directly with you to guide your seating project from start to finish. Site measurement, product planning, design consultation, and installation are all a part of the custom grandstand services that we provide.

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I-Beam Structures

GT Grandstands specializes in i-beam construction.  This flexible design option is easily adapted to hillsides and uneven terrain.  This type structure allows for the design of space underneath the structure to be used for concessions/restrooms and revenue generating areas.  GT Grandstands galvanizes all it’s steel structures for years of maintenance free use of the finish. 

Angle Frame Custom Bleachers

Angle frame seating structures provide a great solution for level sites. These bleachers are attached to either a concrete foundation or installed with earth anchors. These bleachers are customizable to meet most capacity needs and can be either aluminum frames or galvanized steel frames.

Deer Creek High School: Featuring 16 Rows and 2 Double Stair Towers. 216 feet with seating for 1,975.

Garden City Community College, Garden City, KS: 1,450 seats

O'Brien Stadium, Tallahassee, AL: 2,947 seats

GT Grandstands Reviews

Our Customers have rated GT GrandstandsBleachers 5/5 based on 10 customer reviews
Aluminum Bleachers

"I think the neatest part is the curbside appeal, It looks like a stadium and less like you are walking into bleachers. The ornamental fencing and the greenscape make it look great. " -

Rodeo Arena

"The Days of '47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo would like to thank GT Grandstands for helping us build the arena in record time. We are thrilled to provide one of the finest rodeo venues in the nation for both our cowboys and fans, as we celebrate our pioneer heritage during the Days of '47 celebrations." -


"As an independent company, Stadium Solutions could pick any bleacher manufacturer to promote. Many companies have approached us to see if we would carry their product. However, we only want to design and build the best in the business – that is why we represent GT Grandstands." -

High School Bleachers

"Doing this project with Stadium Solutions and GT Grandstands using the KPN contract not only saved us money but expedited the process. Thank you for a job well done." -


"Our bleacher from GT Grandstands was a game changer for our facility and allowed us to substantially increase both the size and quality of events we host at the YMCA Aquatic Center!" -